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Habit: Friend or Foe

by Karen Barrett
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Well, it’s both. Consider Fido, a dog that, when outside,

Sounds more like Foe than Friend? Well here’s the Friend part:

Just as Fido can develop the habit of going outside and getting frantic, he can develop a new habit of being calm when he’s outside. If Fido can be shown how to always be calm outside, then he can establish the habit of being calm outside.

So how does this solve the problem when Fido’s spooked?

Since Fido has developed the habit of being calm, when he’s spooked he’s likely to only spike up to a 6/10. Our Fido still has some control at this point and he quickly realises there’s no need to get excited, and calms himself down.

Makes sense! How do I calm my dog down then?

I can show you how. Call me on 0402 126 029 to book a consult!

Habit: Friend or Foe Dog Behaviourist & Training - Dogs Love

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